Stephen. “I’m playing golf again. I don’t have an ounce of knee pain.”
Allan. Now, 3 years without knee pain.
“I had bone on bone, in both knees. I was booked to have both knees replaced. Instead I came here.
I cancelled my knee surgery.”
“18 months since and my knee pain is minimal.”
Heather: “I’m just so happy.”
Yvonne. “I’m gardening and playing with my grandkids again.”
Annie: “How I fixed my knee pain 3 years ago…”
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Thank you Janice for sharing with us your photo. It must be so exciting to go on a holiday
like this! And I
feel so happy for YOU to be able to climb steps and slopes like on the Great Wall of China. We hope you get thousands of happy miles with your knees again.

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Dear Dr Eldridge,
Thank you for your wonderful treatment, which enabled my husband and I to enjoy an 11 kilometre walk around Ayres Rock, a 4.5 hour long walk through “The Valley of the Winds” in the Olgas, which was very rocky terrain, graded 4.6, and a few days later, another 4.5 hour trek on “The Rim Walk” in Kings Canyon which also has a grading of 4.6.
This would not have been possible for Wolfgang without your treatment and series of injections. For this we sincerely thank you.
Kind regards,
Wolfgang and Irmgard Fisch